Schloss Neueschwanstein, Thursday 19th July 2012


Neueschwanstein Castle


A long last a childhood dream became true today when we visited this amazingly beautiful castle in Bavaria, surrounded by the most stunning scenery of the Alps.  It is advisable to book the tickets the day before in order to avoid the long queues when you actually want to visit.  So we reserved ours yesterday at €12 per person, which included a guided tour in English.  The tour was booked for 10.25 am, but we had to arrive an hour before to collect the tickets from the booking office and then walk up the steep hill to the actual castle, which took 15 minutes.  There are buses and horse-drawn carts, but we quite enjoy walking and didn’t find it that strenuous at all.

The walk up the hill to the castle

We had ample time to take lots of pictures before the tour started, but photographs are not allowed inside the actual castle, although we saw someone being sneaky when the guide wasn’t looking.


Neueschwanstein castle

Neueschwanstein courtyard










It was very interesting to find out about the history of the castle and Ludwig II’s dream in particular, even though it was never fully accomplished, due to the king’s untimely and suspicious death in 1886, 17 years after construction had begun.  Still, it was a joy and a marvel to see what he actually accomplished and judging by all the ‘Wows’ I could hear every time we entered a new room, I wasn’t the only one mesmerised by this jewel of Bavaria.

Neueschwanstein castle

View of the Alps from castle grounds










The guided tour took about 45 minutes due to the sheer number of visitors it receives, but we had some time afterwards to walk to the Marienbruecke (Queen Mary’s Bridge) for better views of the entire castle (without the current scaffolding showing too much) and the water fall.


Neueschwanstein Castle

Neueschwanstein Castle facade














Waterfall at Queen Mary’s Bridge


On the way back, we couldn’t help laughing at the queue of people waiting to buy their tickets, as it was already noon and very hot indeed!

We got back to the car park and paid our €7 standard fee and, what had been deserted at 9 am was now chock-a-block with cars and motorhomes.  Always a good idea to arrive early at these popular places.


Forggensee lake

Forggensee lake outside Seewang campsite, Dietringen










We had decided to stop at an aire in a farm for tonight and set the Satnav for Marktoberdorf/Kolhunden, but as we were driving, we spotted some motorhomes parked by the Forggensee lake, so we came to try our luck and, although there were signs indicating overnight stay wasn’t allowed, we found this other aire by the camping Seewang in Dietringen, where we are now set for the night for only €10 plus €2 for electricity.


Fussen motorhome aire











Yesterday we stopped at the charming town of Füssen, part of the Romantische Straße, again very well maintained with toilets, showers, dogwash, recycling facilities, a restaurant, a bakery and all kinds of supermarkets just outside the entrance.  We waited till 6 pm to pay for our €12.50 fee and enjoyed a cycle ride into the town itself and the local beer.  It’s by far the busiest high street I’ve seen in the way of people sitting outside cafes enjoying the hot weather and their food and drinks.  It had a wonderful happy atmosphere that was really inviting to stay.  Yet another place to recommend to adventurous motorhomers: truly fantastic!










































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