Villedômer, Indre et Loire, Saturday 30th March 2013


Villedomer Motorhome aire


We’ve been laughing all day about the change in the weather again as, soon after leaving Pont-de-l’Arche this morning, it started snowing and it continued on and off until this afternoon!  Our initial plan of stopping at the lovely and spacious aire at Marboué was quickly replaced by heading as far south as we possibly could before stopping for lunch.  So, after a very much needed hot coffee and ‘Nid de Pâques’ (Easter Nest) cake at Marboué, we carried on driving until 2 o’clock and another late lunch.

The drive was easy from Pont-de-l’Arche and we laughed again at the amount of motorhomes at this newly-found aire, for, as in theory there’s only room for 4 campervans, reserving the rest for normal car parking, Adonis counted 14!!! Obviously, when it is not needed as a car park in the evening, motorhomers take advantage of the available extra space.  And why not?

So we left by 9 am on the A154 past Evreux and Dreux to Chartres and from there the A10 south to Marboué, where we enjoyed our coffee in a snow shower, much to our disbelief and consternation.  From there, we continued on the A10 slightly southwest towards Tours, past Vendome and Château-Renault and we are just about 3 miles south of that town or about 15 miles northeast of Tours.


Walking through the woods at Villedomer on a misty and cold day

Walking through the woods at Villedomer on a misty and cold day


This is another wonderful free little aire just outside the local campsite, which is shut at the moment, perhaps waiting for the weather to warm up, as we all are!  There is a borne for water, which works with a jeton (token) and the whole area is surrounded by hedges and trees and there’s room for 5 vehicles.  A very pretty stopping place altogether.


The lodge we found in the woods

The lodge we found in the woods


We took our chances with the cold weather and have just returned from a very refreshing walk in the surrounding woods, where we discovered a very interesting old building that looked like a lodge for a range keeper to the grandiose house or chateau a bit further up.  There was an old and ornate gate that didn’t look like it had been used for a long time and which we by-passed by going round the old lodge, followed a wider and better maintained access road and arrived at what looked like the gardens of the main house.  We could hear some dogs barking in the distance, so we decided to turn back and try and find out what the big house might be.  When we made it back to the village, we saw signposts in that direction that said ‘Jardins de Beauregard’, so it might have been that.  Perhaps on a warmer and sunnier day it would be nice to go back and have a proper look.


The lofty gate we couldn't resist going round

The lofty gate we couldn’t resist going round


The other side of the lodge

The other side of the lodge


The big house.  Is it Jardins de Beauregard?

The big house. Is it Jardins de Beauregard?



Adonis is still studying the map trying to find where to stop tomorrow.  Qué será, sera…?

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  1. Hey i know it’s late but I found this article and I wanted to tell you that it’s now a campsite. L’orangerie de Beauregard which is a very beautiful place, you should come and visit to see all the changes ☺️

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