La Ferté-Macé, Orne Department, Tuesday 29th October 2013



The lovely beach on the lake at la Ferté-Macé

The lovely beach on the lake at la Ferté-Macé


We are at another beautiful aire at the Base de Loisirs of la Ferté-Macé as a one stop-over before the vet’s appointment at Broglie tomorrow.


The lake

The lake


We had originally planned to stop further south at Javron-les-Chapelles in the Mayenne department but, although it was pleasant enough, flat and in the middle of the town, it wasn’t really what we are attracted to to spend the day and we thought this would be a more attractive spot for the day. It certainly is charming, as most – if not all – Bases de Loisirs are, and it has the bonus of fishing and a long dog walk around the lake. It is free and it has 6 pitches, but the emptying facilities seem to be at Place de Needstadt in the town itself, not at Parking de la Brochardière, where we are at the moment.


Our parking spot at la Ferté-Macé Base de Loisirs

Our parking spot at la Ferté-Macé Base de Loisirs


This seems to be the perfect place to come with a young family in the summer, with plenty of facilities on offer like golf, parkour, kayaking, etc as well as a wonderful play area right on the beach for the young ones. It is popular even today, sunny and showery in late October, with quite a few people just coming for lunch and moving on again, perhaps to work, or walking their children and dogs.


The children's play area on the beach

The large and well equipped children’s play area on the beach


So Adonis’s been fishing and I’ve been walking Beano and crocheting and we are all happy.


Walking around the lake at Ferté-Macé

Walking around the lake at Ferté-Macé


We had a very easy drive this morning from Pont Réan at Guichen in Ile-et-Vilaine department, joining the D117 to south of Rennes and the N157/E50 due east to north of Laval, N165 to Mayenne and N12 north east to Javron-les-Chapelles. It was still early enough in the morning to try a different destination, so we went up north on D218 and D916 to just north of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne


Walking around the lake

Walking around the lake


I would certainly like to come back here in the summer months to enjoy that beach and a relaxing day in the sun.

So, it’s Broglie tomorrow and we might try the aire at Berck on Thursday, as John and Julie were quite impressed with it and highly recommended it.

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  1. I think this is the first time I really noticed your camper. I’ve been wanting one just like that. Are you comfortable enough in it? Imagine traveling across America in a RV like yours and visiting places like Glacier Park and Yellowstone. 🙂

  2. We are quite comfortable in it, as it is only the 2 of us and a small dog and it’s supposed to be a 5-berth. I don’t want for anything whilst travelling, but I think next time we’ll get a camper with a fixed bed at the back, as it’s easier to go to the toilet at night, etc. Some of them have bed-side tables and lamps and, as I love reading before going to sleep, it would be just perfect for me. Go and get yourself one and visit all those wonderful places in the USA and then we can swap experiences, pictures, etc.

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