Bruyères-et-Montberault, Aisne Department, Tuesday 8th July 2014

The charming motorhome aire at Bruyères et Montberault

                                           The charming motorhome aire at Bruyères et Montberault

We left the UK on Saturday and managed to get a slightly earlier train, so instead of staying at City Europe’s car park as planned(which I didn’t fancy at all) we got our big shop out of the way at Auchan in Calais thanks to the TomTom. We did notice that everyone looked a bit ‘odd’, perhaps it’s the Ch’tis, about whom we have a film to watch yet. We then left towards the aire at Gravelines, where we stayed last year. We found a good spot amongst a whole line of British vans. Unfortunately, these started leaving for ferries at 4 am, which disturbed Adonis’s sleeping, but not mine!


A lovely sunrise at Vivier aux Carpes campsite

                                                       A lovely sunrise at Vivier aux Carpes campsite



A lovely sunrise at Viviers aux Carpes campsite

                                                    A lovely sunrise at Vivier aux Carpes campsite

Despite his bad back and lack of sleep, Adonis managed to walk Beano while I was clearing after breakfast and we then took mainly national and D roads past Lens towards Le Vivier aux Carps, a campsite in Seracourt-le-Grand. This is a nice site and we spent 2 nights there, although the ‘lake’ is more of a pond and it was packed with other British vans. Adonis didn’t catch anything, but as his back was hurting, he didn’t put all that much effort into it.


Camping le Vivier aux Carpes

                                                                  Fishing at Camping le Vivier aux Carpes


We left there at 10 am this morning to visit The Chemin des Dames, whose sides have been beautifully planted with corn flowers, and the Dragon Cave and after a bit of fiddling around on roads, we got to the Caverne-du-Dragon only to discover it is shut on Tuesday mornings. How typical is that? I just couldn’t believe it!!! We then tried to stop the night at a couple of lakes nearby, but they seemed to have been taken over by leisure/park type business and they didn’t allow dogs and we had no choice but to keep on looking. We also tried the motorhome aire at Chavignon, which was too close to the motorway and cost 6€, so we parked by a canal and had lunch, being disturbed by lorries on the weighbridge. Still, the view was good.


Corn flowers lining the road along Le Chemin des Dames

                                         Corn flowers lining the road along Le Chemin des Dames

From there we headed for our 4th night, the free aire at Bruyères-et-Montberault, and very good it is too!  It has four pitches separated by very well kept hedges and the little lane that runs through the park and there is also free water from a nearby fountain.  The town itself is very quiet and tranquil and we enjoyed an afternoon walk around it with Beano.  We’d definitely come here again if or when we return to these parts.

The weather is warm but cloudy. Tomorrow, we’ll try the Cave of Dragons again and then to a France Passion site in Champagne.



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    • We love ours and France is an excellent place for them, probably the best country for this kind of travel, in fact, as they have these motorhome (camping cars) aires all over the place, quite often free or for only 5 or 10€ a night, providing electricity hook-ups and water (some even showers and free wifi). There are magazines also featuring all kinds of models and sizes, the English version is MMM and the French Camping Car Magazine.

      We have been travelling this way since March 2010 and have been as far as Galicia and Germany. It is a very cheap way of travelling and you always have the freedom of staying as long or as short as you like. We hardly ever book campsites, as if there is no room, we move on.

      I do hope you give it a try and we certainly recommend it. Let me know what you decide.

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