St Germain de la Coudre, Orne, Tuesday 3rd November 2015

St Germain de la Coudre 005

St Germain de la Coudre


No matter how small a place is in France, it always has something different and wonderful to offer the visitor.

Forest Pool to St Germain de Coudre 089

Attractive bridge by motorhome aire


We have found another lovely free aire at this pretty village on the D7 slightly north west of La Ferté-Bernard, right by the little stream and pretty bridge with easy access to the shops and restaurants. The aire has a borne for water and electricity, but it is out of order at the moment, maybe because the area is under renovation and they are still laying gravel in the aire, which is by a brand new recreation ground for football, basketball, tennis, etc, as well as a children’s playground. All in pristine condition, very clean and tidy.


Forest Pool to St Germain de Coudre 087

Motorhome aire at St Germain de la Coudre by new sports grounds and stream


As usual, we went for a walk around the village to get our bearings and we admired the quaint old houses and the stream going under some of them. We wondered if they ever get flooded in heavy rain! Still it is a charming little place with a very good boulangerie, which has won a golden award in the last 2 years and where we’ll get our baguette and cake in the morning.


St Germain de la Coudre 002

Quaint old houses and a stream runs under them


It’s back to Broglie tomorrow for Beano’s check at the vet’s and Le Crotoy on Thursday.

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    • Thank you, Dorothy. I am glad you enjoy reading about our adventures and I hope we’ll inspire you to go on yours. You can always hire an RV for a couple of weeks before you buy your own to see how you get on. I’ll be interested to read about your trips too. Merry Christmas.

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