Hello and a warm welcome to you and, above all,  thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my blog.

This is my own travelling blog in which I write about my experiences while I travel with my husband and dog in our motorhome.  We would like to cover the whole of Europe eventually, but this might take some time.  In this blog, I review the numerous sites in which we stay, places of interest, motorhome aires and campsites, although we really love wild camping whenever possible.

My husband is a keen fisherman, mainly carp, so I’ll also mention the lakes we stay at and how successful he’s been.

I might also ramble on about any odd thing that pops into my head, like strange human behaviour, which is what makes the journeys so interesting some times.

I hope you enjoy reading about our ‘adventures’ and that you found the information here helpful and useful.   I look forward to your comments.


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  1. HI Fatima

    Julie and I are enjoying your updates, it’s like being on holiday again (well almost)

    We are going over to France at half term and taking our daughter and her boyfriend this time, probably in the Loire Valley. Do you or Adonis recommend a camping site guide to France as we fancy being on a site with a heated pool as it will be October when we go.


    • Hi, John! How nice to hear from you two again! I thought of you when I was writing my blog about Le Bourget-du-Lac and Annecy. It seems such a long time ago now with school worries and everything! My blog helps me keep sane, as I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

      We have Le Guide Officiel Camping Caravaning and have found some very good campsites there. We haven’t stayed in any campsites with heated pools in the Loire, but I recommend the one in Leon, in Landes, which has both, heated and unheated, but I know that’s a long way down. We are going to Lac des Varennes in Marçon, Chateau-du-Loir south of Le Mans and we go there every year, but there’s no pool; we just enjoy the lake. After that we’ll be going to Carnac in Brittany.

      Adonis is just suggesting to have a look at Camping Touristique de Gien in Loiret, which has a heated pool. They shut on 3rd November.

      Let us know where you decide to go in case it is near where we are going. It’ll be great to meet again.

      My love to you and Julie


    • Hi Fatima,

      I am wondering if you can help me out in any way as I have been reading various blog post of yours with great interest.

      Basically, I am a teacher who also enjoys summer holiday breaks in France camping. Furthermore, I am also a keen angler and am therefore looking for campsite in France where I can fish for carp while visiting in the summer break. Would you be willing to pass on any information with regards to any recommended sites which might be good to visit. In an ideal world, the campsite would have the following criteria: be picturesque and not overly busy; be located either centrally or within the more southern regions of France, so that the chances of sunshine are increased; have a swimming pool for my wife and young daughter to enjoy; a campsite immediately adjacent to the lake so that I could fish for a few hours each day (ideally from the pitch itself); have places of interest/picturesque towns/villages nearby. I know, I don’t want much do I? However, the search has begun and any information that you might have on possible places would be very much gratefully received. One possible place that I understand that you have visited a few times is Lac D’Uby, which looks very nice, so any further information about here or other similar places would be brilliant 🙂

      Many thanks in advance…

      • Hi, Jody. Thank you for reading my blog and getting in touch.
        We find that most campsites are busy in the summer unless you go in early July. However, they are all very pleasant and most near picturesque villages or by a lake or river. Apart from Lac de l’Uby, Lac des Varennes near Château-du-Loir, between Le Mans and Tours, would have everything you ask for as well as pedal boats, sailing boats and canoes, bouncy castles, a bar/restaurant and live entertainment and discos. Peter has caught very large carp there too!
        We also like Ile de Trois Rois in Le Petit Andelyss on the river Seine, between Rouen and Paris: very interesting and pretty town with a castle built by RichaRd the Lionheart. Another one is in Cormaranches-sur-Saone, Macon, north of Lyon. Very similar to Lac des Varennes.
        I hope this helps and that you’ll find somewhere to keep the whole family happy.

  2. A magical scroll arrived by messenger to inform me of the wonderful news: Fatima, you are following my blog ramblings.

    I sincerely wish to take this opportunity to thank you. I know you’re probably busy, and there are so many amazing blogs in the blogsphere to spend your time reading, so I’m honoured you wish to spend time reading my posts.

    With my blog I hope to inform, teach and bring smiles to those who read. The main purpose of Diane Tibert’s Dreamer blog is to share my experience in writing and publishing, including operating my own company Quarter Castle Publishing. Since January 2011 I have created more than 300 posts to share my writing obsession. If you are on a publishing journey I hope these posts have made it easier.

    When I’m not talking about the writing and publishing world, I’m talking about my art, my animals (donkey, goats, chickens and ducks), the weather and living in Nova Scotia.

    Thank you for your support.

  3. What an enjoyable journey to scroll down and see all of the sites! Thanks for the fun!
    Washington State – USA

    • Thank you, Kari. What a kind thing to say. I really appreciate you stopping by to read my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. In France again at the moment, so I’ll have more to write about soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Fatima
    Found your blog whilst searching for some info on Embury aire.
    Your blog is very comprehensive and has some great info. You may be interested in the site I run
    Http:// http://www.searchforsites.co.uk which lists over 22,000 motorhome stopovers and campsites across Europe.
    Would you mind if I use some of your photos adding a link to your blog on my links page?



    • Hello Ian,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and for your link; we will definitely refer to it. I am more than happy for you to use my photos by adding a link to this blog: that’s why I write it; to inform other fellow travellers. The better informed we are, the more travels our holiday will be.



  5. Hi Fatima

    We are off to the Dijon area at the weekend. By any chance are you heading that way?

    Weather looks good for next week. Have a good holiday and given me some ideas for stops on the way back to the euro tunnel.

    All the best


    • Lucky you! We only got back 2 days ago to foul British weather. I wish I could go straight back for France!!! We won’t go back till 19th October. Have a wonderful time.

      Thank you for getting in touch and I am glad to be of help.

  6. Do you by any chance know a Peter Saysell, who lived in Bream, Forest of Dean in the 1970s? He was my best friend at the time and I’m trying to track him down. Thanks. Andrew Robinson.

    • Thank you Marian. I am a great fan of Darlene Foster and she recommended you. Your profile sounds very interesting. I simply love people who travel and don’t understand those who don’t: they are missing out on so much beauty! Thank you very much for visiting my blog too. Happy writing and travelling 🙂

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