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Punta Lago, Léon, Thursday 21st April 2011


Lac de Léon, Landes

I think it’s Easter Thursday today, judging by the amount of people who arrived last night and this morning, and all the games organised for the children.  Most of the holiday makers seem to be Spanish, so the campsite is getting quite lively. 

I’ve been trying to keep fit – apart from cycling into town and walking Bramble – so I joined the stretching class yesterday and the aquagym today, which was very popular, with over 30 people in the pool, which was just big enough, even though it is 12 metres long!  It felt a bit surreal, as the instructor was playing mainly Spanish and Mexican music, including the Gypsy Kings and Julio Iglesias singing in French.  She also had a few Spanish phrases written down on a card, which I found quite touching, and tried very hard to pronounce them properly, asking for our help.  I’d like to go back on Saturday again.

Adonis’s been busy fishing and cycling to village and had his gears fixed at the very reasonable price of 15E.  He was so pleased he gave the repair man 20E.

We’ve also witnessed what looked like some kind of aeroplane firefighting training and it was quite fascinating to watch them come down to collect water from the lake and then drop it again.  I’d never seen that before.

Last night we had a roast chicken and chips takeaway, which is very popular here, and was absolutely delicious.  We have one thigh left for lunch and tonight I’m just making pasta with pesto: nice, quick and easy!

Lac de Léon, Landes

Firefighting training at Lac de Léon, Landes










Pepo’s been phoning every day and he seems a bit lonely, to the point when he’s almost decided to carry on studying at Northbrook College and not Glasgow.  He’s there now for his interview in about one hour’s time (12 noon in GB).  He’s found a youth hostel for the 2 nights he needs to stay up there and he seems to have managed quite well without any help from ‘so called’ friends, who let him down at last minute and couldn’t put him up.  I think he’s learning the painful fact that  friends can’t always be relied upon and at the end of the day you’re on your own when you reach a certain age.  He sounds happy and confident, though, and I’m sure he’ll sail through the interview.

Lac de Léon, Landes

It’s a bit overcast and cooler today, but still warm enough to be sitting outside in my bikini.

The German classes are going well, moving on to buying tickets at railway station, asking for information about departure and arrival times, etc.