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A tribute to our travelling companion: Bramble Saysell


Our first time at Lac des Varennes

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that in just about every blog entry we mention our walks with Brambe, our 4-legged, floppy-eared hairy, fox-red Labrador Retriever and fellow traveller.

In my sleeping area in motorhome

Bramble has been a huge part of our lives for the last 4 years and we would have never considered trravelling without him.  But at around Easter time this year he started going off his food, becoming fussy with what he ate, bringing up bile first thing in the morning and sometimes being sick, losing a lot of weight (5 kgs in a couple of months).  We took him to the vet  for various checks and test and they couldn’t work out what it was until they decided to do x-rays and a scan 2 days ago (27th June 2012).  The scan showed a big mass attached to his stomach and liver and when they finally opened him up, they discovered a tumor that had taken over 70% of his stomach lining and a vital part of his liver.  The surgeon said it was inoperable and that he only had a few days to live.

It was at this point that we had to make the most difficult decision of our lives and let him slip away peacefully while he was under the effect of the anesthetics and stop the suffering.

We cried while we hugged him as the intra-venous injection was given and we were with him until his final breath and heart beat.  These are memories we are going to have to learn to live with and it is truly the most horrible thing I’ve had to do in my entire life and it’s eating me inside.

Chasing my ball at Punta Lago, Leon, Landes

Bramble, you have been much more than a dog to us from the moment we brought you home when you were only 7 weeks old.  You ran around everywhere, exploring every nook and corner and chewing everything you could dig your tiny teeth into.  You made us laugh and filled our hearts with joy and the happiness you gave all three of us is truly priceless.  I often thought of you as the second baby we never had and in truth that’s what you were, my little baby.  I’ve been looking at the hundreds of pictures of you we’ve taken over the last 4 years and most of them seem to be during our travels through Europe.  I’ve been doing this as I am not ready to let you go completely and I needed to see you looking healthy and happy again, chasing your ball, swimming in the lakes and the rivers, popping your head through the ladder of the motorhome and sharing time with both our families in France (the Saysells) and in Spain (the Rosales-Naya).

Fishing with Dad at Lac des Varennes

You have been an amazing constant, loyal friend and companion and we want you to know that wherever we travel, you’ll be travelling with us, right in the middle in the cockpit, between Daddy and me, sometimes sticking your head on the clutch pedal and me having to drag you away to my side.  We know you loved travelling as much as we did and we loved taking you with us.  You made us feel safe and happy and things just won’t be the same without you.

Sewing with mum at Punta Lago, Leon, Landes

Please don’t ever forget how much we loved you and enjoyed your company.  You will always be alive in our hearts and our memories and maybe one day in the future we will meet again.  So we hope you are very happy in your doggy heaven chasing your ball, chewing your bone and playing with other doggies.

I hope you like the pictures I’ve chosen of our life together: they make us who we are.

Lots and lots and lots of love forever and ever

Mum, Dad and Pepo

Swimming with Dad

Swimming with Dad

The first time we saw you at 10 days old

with Pepo

happy family: mum, dad, pepo and my siblings

First day at home

Bramble Laughing with Pepo

pumba time with mum

washing up with mum

Playing in the snow in Bognor Regis

Chasing the ball in the snow in Le Touquet-Paris Plage

Christmas day

Too hot for me in Lac des Varennes

At a French aire, July 2011

Lunch with grandparents and Huntley

Walkies with huntley and mum in Portiragnes

Resting at Hautes Alpes, Drome, Alsace

Quiet time at St Valery En Caux

Testing the windblockers at Newbury motorhome show

Protecting the motorhome July 2011

By the pool with the Saysells, Portiragnes

Chasing my ball at Broglie aire

Celebrating with the Rosales-Naya in La Coruña, Spain

Celebrating with the Saysells, Portiragnes, France

Dancing with mum and the Saysells

Crochetting with mum