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Jumièges, Tuesday 14th February 2012


Jumièges, Regional Parc de Brotonne

We are at the aire and cark park by the Base de Loisirs du Parc Regional de Brotonne on Les Boucles de La Seine Normande.  It’s very well kept and it has hedges deviding the various pitches for a bit of privacy, even though we are the only ones here.  The only drawback is that there is no water supply this time of year and even the tops of the taps in the washing-up block have been taken off.

In fact, We haven’t been very lucky in the water department today.   We tried to top up our water tank at Broglie’s aire this morning, but the jeton (token) got stuck in the slot on the machine and it wouldn’t start the water supply.  Adonis tried to dislodge it using a sharp knife, but to no avail.  We were a bit annoyed that we had wasted our  €2.50 for nothing and Adonis covered the slot with masking tape to prevent other users from wasting their money too.  Hopefully the maintenance people will see it and fix it soon.



We started our way back north on the D438 to Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, where we  joined the D313 northwest to Le Pont de Brotonne to cross to the east side of the river Seine.  We stopped briefly at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine to try our luck with the water, but once again, after  using another €2.50 jeton, which actually dropped in this time, the water failed to flow again.  We were really annoyed at this for wasting €5 in total trying to top us our supply of the essential mineral and feel these machines should be better maintained in the winter or just close them altogether instead of making people waste their hard-earned money this way.  We don’t know if this cold weather has frozen the water or the pipes, as we don’t think the supply would have been cut off, as the aire is supposed to be open and ready for use all year round.




So angry and frustrated, we stopped at a nearby Lidl and I bought 6  2-litre bottles of mineral water for €1.12, which should be plenty for 2 days.

It’s warming up now and the snow is beginning to melt, but I’d rather keep buying bottled water than wasting our jetons:  we’ll save them for the Easter holidays.  I wouldn’t normally buy bottled water, as it goes against my environmentally-friendly principals, but this was an emergency and couldn’t be helped.


We are hoping to drive into Rouen first thing in the morning to visit the cathedral and then we’ll head up northwest again.

I’d like to mention that the ‘Memory Foam’ mattress we bought to go on top of the overhead bed mattress really works a treat and we are both sleeping much better and are not suffering from backache any more.

Parking at aire at Jumièges

Brogley, Saturday 9th April 2011


Superb Broglie aire

Another beautiful aire by river.  We are sitting outside in glorious sunshine and, according to thermometer, inside it is  27 °C!  Just been for walk with Bramble, who thoroughly enjoyed swim in the river.

So we are now on our 3-week Easter holidays and the start couldn’t be more promising, with the weather forecast predicting sunshine all through the week!

We left Bognor yesterday at 3.15 pm and took 7.20 pm train to Calais.  We did small shopping in Cite Europe and stayed the night there, as it was nearly 10 pm by the time we ha dinner.



We got up early this morning and were on our way by 8.15 am.  We witnessed a charming tractor rally going through Bourgtheroulde-Infreville, where we stopped for baguette, patisserie and croissants.  We had a short break for coffee at 12 and carried on to just south of Bernay, at Broglie, just by the Charentonne river (on the E402, about 50 km southwest of Rouen).

Tractor Rally


We took some pictures of charming water mill and Bramble swimming: it’ll be nice to see them on bigger screen.  Now Adonis has promised to walk me into town.  Great start to holidays.  Sausages and couscous tonight!

Beautiful water mill at Broglie






Off to Le Chateau-du-Loir by the Varenne tomorrow.      

Charming walk at Broglie




Bramble enjoying a swim on the Charentonne, Broglie