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Montreuil-sur-Mer, Monday 1st November 2010


We are now at La Fontaine des Clercs campsite again and it’s warm and dry, unlike the last time we were here and, instead of having a take-away pizza from delivery van, I’m cooking a paella with the remainder of my pork and bacon as probably the ‘last supper’ in the van on this break.

Morning light at Juno

We had a lovely walk this morning on Juno beach with a beautiful diaphanous light that I’d love to capture in a picture if I had the right knowledge and equipment. 

Cosy's Bunker

I took more pictures of ‘Cosy’s Bunker’ from further down the beach as it really showed it tilted and half buried in the sand.  I also took a picture of Canadian double cross and flag as a sign of respect for the brave fallen soldiers all those years ago.


Canadian Double Cross and Flag at Juno Beach

We set off in this direction at around 10 am and had a job parking just to buy a baguette in the various little towns on the way.  We finally managed to find a spot in Pont L’évêque, but had to queue behind half a dozen people, and more came behind me.  Maybe it had something to do with being ‘All Saints Day’ bank holiday, as I’d never seen that before.


Pont de Normandie

Then we carried on to Pont de Normandie, where we crossed the magnificent bridge over the estuary, overlooking Le Havre on the left and the Natural Reserve of the Seine Estuary on the right: a stunning sight in its autumm colours.  We made good progress on almost empty roads and got here before 2 pm.  We set up, had lunch, siesta, paid the receptionist our standard 18 E, took Bramble for a walk around old city walls (which we all love), had shower and sat down to read and relax and then cook.  We are now waiting for the first paella I’ve ever cooked in my new ‘paellera’.  I look forward to the results.

Autumn Colours at the Seine Estuary

Off to vet tomorrow morning at 8.30 and then Calais, although we are thinking about having a look at Touquet Paris-Plage first, as we don’t want to arrive at Citi Europe too early and I’d rather spend the morning somewhere more scenic and riveting than Carrefour car park.

Le Touquet Paris-Plage