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Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, Sunday 26th August 2012



This charming little village is part of the Association des Petites Cités de Caractère de la Sarthe and we’ve been meaning to stop here ever since we’ve been driving up and down this road from Alanҫon to Le Mans.  We are glad we’ve finally made time for it on this long journey, which is slowly coming to an end, as we haven’t been disappointed.


Municipal campsite at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe


The campsite is immaculately kept, with generous size pitches, access for disabled people to the washing facilities and shower block.  It’s very quiet and peaceful, even though it has plenty of space and a large playground area for children.  The site is right on the river Sarthe, with easy access for fishing and just a few minutes’ walk from the shops and town centre.  The receptionist, Maria Dolores, is very friendly and chatty and speaks several languages, including Spanish, Italian and English, so we had a nice chat in Spanish for a change.  I later discovered she’s half Spanish, from Jaén, and half Italian, so I really enjoyed meeting someone from my own country and having a laugh together.

Our generous pitch at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe campsite

We arrived yesterday morning after a short drive on the A11 from La Suze-sur-Sarthe at junction 9 to J.7, which continued north on the A28, so we avoided the congested ring-road at Le Mans and came off at J.21 for Beaumont-sur-Sarthe.


Access for the disabled to shower and washing facilities block


We didn’t do much yesterday apart from walking around this lovely campsite and a gentle stroll into town to buy bread and cakes.  I think the thought of going back to work is weighing on us now and we’re trying to make the most of the good weather and tranquillity of this area.


Pont Roman at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe


This morning, while Adonis was fishing, I went on a tour of the village and followed the guide given to me by Maria Dolores.  I slowly made my way around La Motte and Rue des Promenades to La Place de la Liberation in order to complete the recommended route and not miss anything of importance.  I enjoyed La Porte Romane of L’Eglise Notre-Dame as well as the Pont Roman, of which I took photos.  The views from the Romanic Bridge are very pretty and I spent some time admiring them.  The town itself dates back to the 10th century and it was built within a vast elliptical wall, with some openings being made during the course of history.


Porte Romane of Eglise Notre-Dame


This is certainly a quaint little town to stop in your travels and it’s well worth a visit, just for its simplicity and tranquillity.


I love this house at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe



House decorated with broken pottery and china


Tomorrow  we’ll carry on north towards Alanҫon, where we are planning to do our big shop before we return home and thus stock up on beer, wine, cheeses, salamis and any other local speciality that takes our fancy.




It’s Bank Holiday weekend in England and several British cars and caravans left the site today, but I’m glad we still have a few days left and don’t have to rush for the crossing.

The weather has mercifully cooled down and we’ve only reached 28°C, which is easier to sleep in.  This is just the ideal temperature for me: very pleasant on the skin without making me feel so lethargic.  I shall miss this in the dark and cold winter months.


Beaumont-sur-Sarthe campsite



Making the most of the sun before leaving Beaumont-sur-Sarthe



Motorhome facilities at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe campsite


Large children playing area at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe campsite