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St Valerie-en-Caux, Tuesday, 22nd February 2011


Motorhome aire at St Valerie-en-Caux

It’s 6 pm.  I’m cooking Bolognese sauce and Adonis is trying hard to get the gas heater going.  It’s been working perfectly till now, but it’s just decided to play up after our afternoon walk.

A lovely day so far.  Got up at 8.30 am after a very quiet and dark night in the Forest of Eu and were on our way by 9.30.  We had a quick stop for bread and cake, made appointment with vet for Friday at 8.30 am and carried on the small road to Dieppe and then on the D925 to St Valerie.  We found marvellous free aire by the pier,set up, had coffee and went for long walk around Marina.  Came back for lunch and siesta and then I took Bramble for a short walk on the seafront under the cliffs that look just like Dover!



Adon put the hot water on and we both had a shower.  I even managed to wash my hair, which is quite a treat on this type of holiday.

I’m just looking out of the window and command a wonderful view of the cliffs, Falaise d’Amont, and the sea: all for free!



Marina at St Valerie-En-Caue

Cliffs at St Valerie-en-Caux












After shower we went to have a beer at the hotel de la Poste in front of the Town Hall, just to the side of the marina, and sat outside:  first time this year!

St Valerie-en-Caux pier and aire from the cliffs

Now waiting for Bolognese sauce to cook and Adonis to stop worrying about heater.

We might go to bird sanctuary north of Crotoy tomorrow, Parc Ornithologique du Marquenterre, back in the Bay of the Somme.

No luck with heater.