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Gitzenweiler Hof Camping Park, Lindau, Bodensee, Tuesday 17th July 2012


Gitzenweiler Hof Reception area


This is our second and last day at this huge, very well equipped and organised campsite, excellent for young families, as they have all kinds of entertainment going on, including pony rides through the boundary woods, dancing by the swimming pool, making your own pirate hats, swords and face painting and fishing in the lake.  There is also a small supermarket, a restaurant and beautiful child-friendly washing facilities that look like a theme park!

Swimming pool at Gitzenweiler Hof


The place is immaculate, with lots of shower and washing facilities blocks, including a ‘dog wash’, the first of its kind I’ve ever seen!  I’ve taken this opportunity to do my laundry and I had a bit of a battle with the washing machine this morning, which operates on a timer rather than whether the washing cycle has finished or not.  So I put €2 in 50C. coins, as instructions indicated that for a 30°c wash, it’d take between €2 and €2.50.  The instructions also indicated to go back after given time as door would open electronically after timer was up and would shut again only to be opened with another 50C.  So I went back for my washing after 80 minutes, but cycle hadn’t finished and I had to put another 50C that would last 20 minutes.  I returned 20 minutes later, but door wouldn’t open, so I had to put another 50C and I finally got my washing out, 2 hours after I started!  Next time I’ll do my washing by hand: cheaper and quicker and a lot less hassle and time wasted waiting around.


Motorhome and caravan area at Gitzenweiler Hof


Still, it’s been a very hot and sunny day and I managed to get all my washing dry in the sun (including bedding) by lunchtime!  We also got internet access after waiting 8 hours due to the sheer amount of people using it.  So we finally got it at 7.45pm for 24 hours use, but it was very slow and frustrating, as it kept disconnecting itself.  I tried again this morning in the sitting area outside reception with a little more success, which allowed me to  post some pictures on Facebook, but when I tried Twitter it disconnected itself again and I couldn’t get it to re-connect, so I gave up on that and trying to post my blog.  Again, not very impressed with this service.


Pond with koi carp at Gitzenweiler Hof

Pond with koi carp at Gitzenweiler Hof










Considering we paid €68.80 for 2 nights, plus €3 extra charge for paying by credit card, this is by far the most expensive campsite we’ve ever been to and we don’t think it was really good value for money for us without children and we would think again before using one of these huge sites again, which are geared toward family entertainment.


Walk around pond at Gitzenweiler Hof



At least we’ve had 2 very relaxing days here, sitting in the sun and not doing very much at all other than reading, crocheting and swimming in the pool.

We are setting off again tomorrow towards Bavaria.  I am really excited about this, so hopefully nothing will go wrong.

Gitzenweiler Hof