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Canterbury, 3rd January 2011


I just love this sign outside campsite

We spent the morning shopping in this lovely old city and I bought my own copy of Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’, which I really look forward to reading.  It’s funny because there are different versions in various English styles, from the ‘almost impossible to understand’ original to more modern interpretations, so I bought one in between.  We also bought new kitchen scales at half price and some presents for Peggy from the Cathedral’s shop (a very pretty candle holder and an angel Christmas decoration based on the stained windows pictures), which I think she’ll appreciate.  I also bought a delayed guide to the Cathedral, so I’ve been reading about all the art works we saw yesterday, but now I’d like to go back, as we missed the crypt and the outside of the building because it was getting late.

The Old City Centre

1500 buildings in city centre

Historic Building of Kent

We are off for a Moroccan meal tonight and tomorrow we’ll be driving to Bexhill, on the A259, which will take us all the way home!  Weird that this road passes outside our house!  I must rush off now, as we don’t want to miss the bus, as there won’t be another one for another hour.

Festive lights in city centre

The Cathedral at night

As we arrived in the city early in the evening, we decided to have another look at the cathedral in the night light before going to the restaurant  and what an experience that was!  The Cathedral’s illumination is just a sight to behold and it gave us the feeling of being in another world.  We felt a bit naughty walking around the cloister and felt like playing hide and seek in all those nooks and corners, with their eerie archways and vaults.  It was just like going back in time, all the more special as we were the only ones there!    We also heard the choir practising and stuck our ears to the locked door to enjoy this beautiful music that could have come directly from Heaven.  I could have spent all night exploring this magnificent monument.  I wonder what secrets it holds!

Evening illuminations

Perfect place to place hide and seek in the cloisters

Intrisicate arch work in the cloisters













Well, the meal at the Azouma Moroccan restaurant was absolute superb, with a shared starter of assorted samples from the menu, followed by lamb kebabs and tajine . I highly recommend it if you are ever in Canterbury.

Fab meal at Azouma Moroccan restaurant