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Cave La Raderie – M Christophe Croisard, Chahaignes, Tue 24th August 2010


Cave La Raderie, France Passion site at Chahaignes

We are at a France Passion site right in the middle of the Loire Valley and very pretty it is too (Sarthe, Pays de La Loire).  We set off at 8.30 am and stopped for supplies at Au Chan, just outside Tours.  Once again, we were dismayed at having to pay 33.70 euros for the use of the motorway from Saintes, but can’t be avoided if we want to make good time.

We arrived here at 2 pm after trying to find a spot by river or lake at Chateau-du-Loir and Port Gauthier, but found that it had been taken over by Country Park, so we used our France Passion guide to find somewhere to rest.

We had lunch, siesta and took Bramble for a walk at 4.30 pm and then stopped in village for beer and at the Cave to buy some local wine (delicious Jasnières Blanc) to take back as presents.  The cave is run by a very friendly wine grower, who made us feel very welcome and we were able to try various wines before making choice.  We are the only motorhome parked here and we are really enjoying the peace and quiet and lovely surrounding scenery.  A place to come back for sure.


Helpful road sign









 Adonis is cooking tonight, some lamb with couscous again, so I’ll probably finish my book.

I must take some pictures of village tomorrow, especially the lovely church with dark spire, as it’s quite quaint and I left my camera behind this afternoon. 😦                                          

Landscape around Cave La Raderie


Picturesque church at Chahaignes