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Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Sunday 12th February 2012


We are parked in the snow at the aire by the Sailing Club on the coldest day by far we’ve been in the motorhome.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage motorhome aire in the snow



It’s funny to see it so empty and quiet – there is only one other motorhome next to us – as last time we came here at Easter 2011, it was chock-a-block with RVs, even down the road, parked like sardines.  There were quite a few people walking earlier on, but they’ve all left now, as it’s getting late in the afternoon and it will be dark within one hour or so.





We’ve just been for a very pleasant walk on the sand dunes and it seemed almost surreal to see them covered in snow.  Once again, we got carried away taking pictures, but it is such an unusual sight, that one feels compelled to catch and immortalise the moment.

Snowy sand dunes at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage


We got up very early this morning (6.30 am) in order to catch the 11.20 am crossing to Calais from Folkestone.  We left the house at 8.15 am, after filling up with water and packing last minute items.  It was too cold to leave the water in the tank last night, as we didn’t want to risk it freezing and wrecking the water tank or pipes.  We made very good time and arrived in Folkestone at 10.40, but the train was delayed by 20 minutes and we finally arrived in Calais at 1.1 5 pm local time.

Snowy sand dunes at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage





We didn’t feel like driving too far and, as it was snowing and the roads were covered in the white stuff and ice, we just settled for Le Touquet and were here just after 2.30pm.  I felt very tired and went straight for a siesta, while Adonis took Bramble for a walk in the snow.





I am really enjoying the peace and quiet here.  It looks like our neighbours are getting ready to depart, so we might well be the only ones camping here tonight.  Imagine that:  The only campers at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, the Hollywood of the Atlantic Coast!:  That’s definitely one for the books.

Snowy sand dunes at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Snowy sand dunes at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage










This aire costs €9.50 for the night, plus €2 for 100 litres of water and electricity hook-up for 1 hour, which we don’t need as batteries are fully charged and water tank full.  I must note here that the Gendarmes come to check that you have a parking ticket!!!

Bramble chasing his ball on the snow.


Le Touquet-Paris-Plage


Just like the Alps


Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Condette Woods, Friday 3rd June 2011


Camping wild at Condette Woods

We are somewhere between Hardelot-Plage and Le Portel (Boulogne-sur-Mer).

It was very hot yesterday, spent totally in campsite, sunbathing, reading and swimming in pool, and finished with a lovely couscous meal in the town’s couscousserie.  Thus we finished our stay in Les Andelys and felt very sorry to leave again.

So we set off this morning just after 9 am and headed for Montreuil-sur-Mer to take Bramble to vet again before returning home.  The appointment was for 2 pm, but when we got there we found 3 other people waiting with their pets and were not seen till about 2.30.  After buying orange juice and tobacco for Adonis, we were on our way again just before 3pm headed for Le Touquet-Plage, but it was absolutely chock-a-block with caravans, some even parked outside aire near the exit road, really packed like sardines, so we decided to try St Cécile Plage by Camiers and some dunes nearby, but it was all banned to motorhomes, so we started heading north towards Le Portel, where there’s supposed to be another aire, but we found this parking space in the woods and decided to stop for a walk for Bramble.  We should be alright here tonight too, as there are no signs saying otherwise.

Condette Woods

Condette Woods

Tomorrow will be just a short drive to Boulogne hypermarket and then Wissant’s aire, so we may spend one day on the beach yet, wind permitting.





Jus drinking bottle of cider (Cidre Bouché fermier Le Pressoir d’Or, Silver Medal 2009) given to us as a gift by the management at L’ÎLe des Trois Rois campsite: lovely and sweet after a hot and tiring day. THANK YOU.  Thinking of you now!

île des Trois Rois, Les Andelys, Wednesday 1st June 2011


Monet's Garden and house

We had a lovely morning visiting Monet’s house and gardens at Giverny.  We got there before 10.30 am, but there was already a small queue, like 10 people before us.  It was quite an experience to see his painting hanging on the walls as he had them while he still lived there:  I didn’t expect so many and they were all beautiful, full of life and poetry.  I didn’t expect quite so many people either, with coach loads from schools, American and Japanese tourists, etc.  By the time we left at midday, it was positively heaving with visitors and more coaches were arriving.  I felt we were leaving at the right time.




The gardens are gorgeous, of course, very much like an English country garden, but much much bigger, and the famous bridge over the water lily pond with barge is just spectacular, surrounded by tall bamboo and all kinds of wild flowers: a real treat for the eye.      I was particularly taken and impressed by the blue Canterbury Bells, which I’d never seen before and I’ve promised myself I must get some to plant next spring.

Water lily pond

We took lots of pictures, although we had to wait a bit to get a good spot on the bridge without getting lots of other people in it!  I am glad we went at this time of year when there are so many different varieties of flowers adding to the colour palette of the garden.

Posing on famous water lily pond and bridge










It’s been a hot day, but the wind has lifted again this evening.  I made bacon with saute potatoes and French omelette for dinner and it almost turned out to be another day of disaster in the kitchen.  First I dropped an egg, which broke and spilled its contents almost under the fridge, making almost impossible to pick up and clean.  Then I burned my hand on handle of saucepan, at it was above grill, which shoot flames and heat upwards.  After that, I dropped small frying pan just before I cracked my egg for my omelette and, finally, I slipped on step outside van when I was serving and taking things out.  Why do all these things happen all at once?  It’s like a butterfly effect or a domino rally: one things falls after another.  Luckily food was well cooked and delicious and I didn’t get hurt.

Water lily pond

Adonis (Peter) at Monet's Garden



We are going to spend another day here and then head off for Montreuil-sur-Mer again for ritual visit to vet before returning to England.  We might try and stop the night at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for a change and do shopping at Boulogne: we’ll see.







Water lily pond

Poppy field in Giverny

Beautiful Canterbury bells

Montreuil-sur-Mer, Monday 1st November 2010


We are now at La Fontaine des Clercs campsite again and it’s warm and dry, unlike the last time we were here and, instead of having a take-away pizza from delivery van, I’m cooking a paella with the remainder of my pork and bacon as probably the ‘last supper’ in the van on this break.

Morning light at Juno

We had a lovely walk this morning on Juno beach with a beautiful diaphanous light that I’d love to capture in a picture if I had the right knowledge and equipment. 

Cosy's Bunker

I took more pictures of ‘Cosy’s Bunker’ from further down the beach as it really showed it tilted and half buried in the sand.  I also took a picture of Canadian double cross and flag as a sign of respect for the brave fallen soldiers all those years ago.


Canadian Double Cross and Flag at Juno Beach

We set off in this direction at around 10 am and had a job parking just to buy a baguette in the various little towns on the way.  We finally managed to find a spot in Pont L’évêque, but had to queue behind half a dozen people, and more came behind me.  Maybe it had something to do with being ‘All Saints Day’ bank holiday, as I’d never seen that before.


Pont de Normandie

Then we carried on to Pont de Normandie, where we crossed the magnificent bridge over the estuary, overlooking Le Havre on the left and the Natural Reserve of the Seine Estuary on the right: a stunning sight in its autumm colours.  We made good progress on almost empty roads and got here before 2 pm.  We set up, had lunch, siesta, paid the receptionist our standard 18 E, took Bramble for a walk around old city walls (which we all love), had shower and sat down to read and relax and then cook.  We are now waiting for the first paella I’ve ever cooked in my new ‘paellera’.  I look forward to the results.

Autumn Colours at the Seine Estuary

Off to vet tomorrow morning at 8.30 and then Calais, although we are thinking about having a look at Touquet Paris-Plage first, as we don’t want to arrive at Citi Europe too early and I’d rather spend the morning somewhere more scenic and riveting than Carrefour car park.

Le Touquet Paris-Plage