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Le Crotoy, Wednesday 23rd February 2011


Wet day at Le Somme

A very wet and miserable day today.  We emptied grey water tank, filled up with fresh water and set off just after 9.30 am with the idea of stopping at Ault and having a walk in the bird sanctuary, but weather was so unpleasant and the aire facing medical centre so unattractive that we decided to go on.

We had a look further up north at Cayeux-sur-Mer, but we didn’t like the hefty fee at campsite of Vieille Eglise, so we carried on back to this lovely aire at Le Crotoy, where the views are so lovely and it’s easy to walk Bramble.

It hasn’t stopped raining, so not very inviting out there and Adon took Bramble for afternoon walk while I continued with my crochet.

It’s 5.15 pm now and we are thinking about going out for a meal tonight, which is the only thing that’s going to drag me out there today.




Pepo seems to be having a good time in Glasgow and Edinburgh and we’re keeping in touch by texting, which is a lot cheaper than phoning on mobiles.



We just liked this fishing boat


Adonis finally found out that problem with heater was a blown fuse and luckily we had spares, so it’s nice and warm now.


A ray of sunshine in the rain