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Bremm, Mosel Valley, Friday 12th August 2011


We followed the Rhine north towards Koblenz and then crossed west just north of Rhens towards Waldesch and Dieblich.  We then carried on down the east side of the Mosel to Treis-Karden on the B49, where we crossed the bridge and carried on south passing Klotten, Cochem and Eller before arriving at Bremm.


This is another first class aire, with electricity and a toilet and shower block.  It was sunny when we left Bacharach this morning, but we’ve had a couple of showers this afternoon.  Still, I took Bramble for a long walk through the pretty village with immaculate front gardens and down the Mosel.  I didn’t even mind the rain, although it stopped soon after we started our walk




Both Adonis and I had a shower at €1 each and then connected to the internet.  I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter and managed to post some pictures of the last few days.

Some interesting pole somewhere on the road

On the road to the Mosel













The weather’s going to turn for the worst, so we might move back to France earlier than expected, but are thinking about staying here tomorrow for the wine festival!

I spoke to Pepo on Skype earlier: he’s happy and well and busy cooking.  It can only be good for him and I am very proud.