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Cap Nature, Audinghen, Cap Gris Nez, Friday 27th August 2010


Baterrie Musee Todt at Audinghen

Here we are again on our last day before our journey back to England.  We’ve just been for a walk with Bramble through the woods, past the Nazi Bunker Museum Todt and its impressive Railway Gun K5.  To our amazement, we discovered 3 more bunkers in the woods, all enormous, and we could see some more from the walls of one of them.  We counted 7 through the binoculars and it really makes you appreciate history and the sacrifice of all the people involved.  We’d like to travel further south along the coast and visit the D Day landing beaches next time, like Omaha.

It’s quite cold in here and I could have done with a pair of jeans, a jumper and trainers for the muddy tracks in the wood, but I survived in my Ripcurl shorts, a t-shirt, a cardigan, my water-proof jacket and my flip-flops. 

We were at Montreuil yesterday, where we took Bramble to vet.  He was much calmer this time round and din’t bolt for door.  It was pleasant enough in the afternoon, but heavy rain hit us after 6 pm.  We took advantage of pizza van in campsite and ordered an ‘Andalucian’ with chorizo and hot sauce.

The German Railway Gun K5


We spent the evening reading, crochetting and looking at maps for future reference.  We had an early night and got up early too.  It was nice to see the baker’s van by reception, where we got the daily baguette from.  We set off just before 10 am and arrived here by 11.  We bought some beer and lovely mango lemonade before walk and are about to have lunch as stomachs are gurgling already.

This will probably be my last entry of this long and interesting holiday.  So until October, then.  Bye.





Batterie Musee Todt, Audinghen




The following entry was written by Peter Saysell (husband)

So 48 days later, after lots of fun, we’re in Audinghen, just outside Calais.  It’s been a really lovely holiday.  We just want to come back again.  Proof, I think that the van life is ideal for us.  At least we’ll be back again in October and this thought always keeps me going at work.  We earn the money there and then enjoy it here.  One third of the year on holiday in France – you can’t complain.  Going to do nothing much for the rest of the day – we have a very early start tomorrow and then home.  5 days and back to school after a special experience.  May write tomorrow!