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Heurteauville, Seine Maritime, Tuesday 31st May 2015



Motorhome aire by river Seine at Heurteauille

We have booked Beano at the vet at Neufchatel-en-Bray for tomorrow morning, but we are not sure yet whether we’ll stay there for the night or carry on north.  We shall see…

We have found a new and lovely aire in this area of Les Boucles de la Seine (Bends of the Seine) near Jumièges and La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, both of which we have stayed at before, so we knew we would like this one too. 

It was very easy getting here on the A28 all the way from junction 20, north of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, if not necessarely cheap at €38 (£29), plus another €2 for a very short track of the A13 south west of Rouen to get on to the D313 to Heurteauville.  We were here for lunch and we have just been for a walk along the river Seine with Beano and, despite it being windy and showery, it is a very pleasant walk and site.  It costs €5 a night per pitch plus 50C per person per day and there are extra charges for EHU (€4) and for fresh water and emptying facilities, including chemical toilets at an extra €4.  Registration is requied on arrival and payment is at time of departure, when the manager will open exit gate after transaction.  I find this kind of thing runs more like a campsite than an aire – which offers more freedom of movement and suits our character better – and can’t help feeling conned and probably won’t come here again, as for a couple more euros we could have stayed at a proper campsite with showers, washing facilities, etc, but we didn’t want a campsite this time.


Afternoon walk along the river Seine

Our original intention was to spend 4 days at the campsite in Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, but the weather was really dreadful and not good for fishing, as river was too high and fast, so we left this morning after just 2 days: a shame, for it is a charming site and village and we love it here too, but it was no fun being shut away in the van for the best part of 2 days, only going out to get baguette and cake and I didn’t even get round to taking any picture



Quaint farm building by the river Seine

We have booked Beano at the vet at Neufchâtel-en-Bray for tomorrow morning, but we are not sure yet whether we’ll stay there for the night or carry on north.  We shall see


Parked by the flagpole at Heurteauville mtorhome aire

Escalles, Pas de Calais, 15th April 2015

The beautiful walk up the hill from Escalles

The beautiful walk up the hill from Escalles

After our pleasant stay at Veigné, we went straight to Pont-de-l’Arche for our appointment with the vet on Tuesday to get Beano ready for our return to England, but again, things didn’t quite go according to plan. I duly turned up for my morning appointment, but while I was waiting, the receptionist received a call and, judging by what she was saying to the person on the other side of the phone, I knew it was bad news for me. Indeed, when she got off the phone, she very apologetically explained to me that the vet on duty had been held up with an emergency at their other surgery and she wouldn’t be able to see me at the appointed time but that I could return at 5 pm if I wanted. I knew immediately that that time wouldn’t work for us and I replied I would check with my husband back at the motorhome aire and I would ring back confirming or cancelling the appointment. Back at the aire, Adonis wouldn’t even consider this new arrangement even for one moment, so I phoned back as promised and explained we had to go.

A quick search on the internet informed us of a vet in Neufchâtel-en-Bray (2 Boulevard Industriel) and I phoned hoping to get an appointment for that day, which we did at 4pm, but at least we were that bit further up north and well within the time limit of 24 hours after the vet’s check-up and worming tablet for Beano to be allowed back in the UK on Thursday morning. We were delighted with their efficient and helpful service and even more delighted when I actually went there and found that the vet could speak perfect English, which always helps, even though I can manage quite well in French. So we have now made a note of this newly discovered vet surgery and might make it a regular thing.

Whilst in Neufchâtel-en-Bray, we stayed at the new and wonderful motorhome aire by the camping Sainte Claire which we discovered last year. This aire is gated and costs 12 for 24 hours, payable on departure, and includes water, electric hook-up and the best recycling facilities I have seen anywhere so far in our travels. It is also very close to Leclerc hypermarket and other retailers, so it’s very handy for shopping, as well as within walking distance of the town and the vet. It was a very hot day and we made the most of the sun enjoying our meals and drinks outdoors, both in the sun and shade (when the sun proved too hot) and wished we could have stayed there another day.

I had to laugh when we were ready to leave the aire at Neufchâtel-en-Bray and I went to the payment machine only to find that it was out of order and I had to phone the guard, who came after a couple of minutes on his bike to collect cash from me and open the gate manually, so that was very efficient too.

From Neufchâtel-en-Bray, we carried on to Auchan in Boulogne-sur-Mer for our usual big shop to stock up on enough wine, beer and cheese to see us for a few weeks until we return and we were happy to see that Junction 31 was open again, al least on the northbound side of the motorway.

The magnificent view from Mont Hubert over Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez and Wissant

The magnificent view from Mont Hubert over Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez and Wissant

Our final stop of the holiday was to be at Escalles, where we stayed for the day and night at the big car and coach park, at the foot of Mont d’Hubert, which is popular during the day for walkers who wish to enjoy the magnificent views of Cap Blanc Nez from the top of the cliff. It is not an official aire as such and not many motorhomes stop for the night, but we have done a few times now and we have been allowed to stay, so until an official guard tells us otherwise, we shall carry on stopping there, as it is more pleasant than the one at Wissant, which has got too overcrowded in the last couple of years.

The car and coach park at the bottom of Mond d'Huber at Escalles

The car and coach park at the bottom of Mond d’Huber at Escalles

Before our 'last supper' in France at Escalles with Dover, UK, in the background

Before our ‘last supper’ in France at Escalles with Dover, UK, in the background

We treated ourselves to a wonderful meal at L’Escale Hotel and Restaurant, just down the road from the car park and, although initially we were told they were full, while we were having a drink at the bar, the barman came back to say they had now a free table if we still wanted it, which of course we did. We both ordered from the set menus, which work out very economical, starting from 16.50 for 3 courses, and thoroughly enjoyed our ‘last supper’ in France. A bientôt, ma cherie France!

Neufchâtel-en-Bray, Wednesday, 25th August 2010


We arrived at Camping St Claire about 20 minutes ago after a long day on the A28.  We left  La RaderieCave at about 9 am

Hard standing pitch at Neufchâtel-en-Bray

and tried to stop at 1 pm for lunch at a campsite in Posses, northwest of Les Andelys on the River Seine off the D77, but it was closed for lunch until 2.30 and we didn’t feel like waiting that long.  So we tried another campsite further on and this one didn’t have facilities to empty the toilet or take water, so we set off again for Neufchâtel (exit 9 off the A28, northeast of Rouen) a bit disappointed.

We quite liked the name of the first campsite we tried, being called ‘Les Deux Amants’, but it wasn’t to be.  This one, on the other hand, has lovely pitches on hard standing, hot showers and all the other facilities you expect in a campsite and there is also a supermarket nearby.  I think we’ll do a big shop tomorrow, then get Bramble sorted at vet and move on to an aire or France Passion site for Thursday and Friday.

The other shock we had today was the price of the Auto-route from Le Mans to Rouen: a hefty 36.70 euros!!!  We must avoid this stretch of the motorway at all costs next time!

Pepo phoned and he’s back in the house with Robert.  He tried to trick me saying he was going to have a wild party on Saturday night and asked if we could arrive Sunday instead.  Tired as I was, I fell for it and he started laughing.  I thought I really needed a shower then to wake up!

Cooking some Merguez sausages with left over lamb from last night.  Time has really shot by: only 2 nights left. :((