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Canterbury Club Site, 1st & 2nd January 2011


Canterbury Cathedral

Happy New Year and second decade of the 21st century!  We’ve decided to have a little break after Christmas to help with the anti-climax which is this period after Yuletide season that gets me down every year.

I’ve been wanting to visit this city for a number of years and I’m glad we are finally here.

The Portico at Canterbury Cathedral

We left home at 9.55 am and got here at 12.30, so nice and easy drive, with little traffic on the roads after last night’s celebrations.

It’s a bit drizzly and cold out there, but niece and warm in the van.  We’ve just had lunch and Adon is trying to get wi-fi, but apparently it’s £5 an hour and no way are we paying for that!

We’re going to take Bramble for a walk and then a little sleep before cooking dinner.  Cathedral tomorrow!


2ndJanuary 2011

Had a lovely day in Canterbury today.  We walked there and back, as it’s just under half an hour’s stroll.

The spot where Thomas Becket was murdered shown by a candle

As we got into the city, the church bells started ringing, followed by the Cathedral’s, so I couldn’t think of a more welcoming gesture.  We decided to stay for the Sung Echarist service at 11.00 am, which was most enjoyable and sung by an excellent choir.  I felt really privileged to be there, so close to it and to the Altar itself and the 75 minutes flew by.

After the service, we went on a tour of the Cathedral and saw, amongst other wonders, the tomb of the Black Prince, on whom, Adon tells me, ‘Black Adder’ was based, as well as the tomb of Henry IV and his wife, Joana of Navarra.

The Black Prince place of rest

The Black Prince










The Black Prince's Achievements


This was followed by a nice pint of ‘Wolf Coyote’ from Norfolk in the pub right opposite the Cathedral, which was exquisite.

 We then got some bread, salami, wine and a paper in M&S and walked back to campsite.  We had lunch and I walked Bramble around vineyard outside campsite, followed by a little siesta – first time in ages – and then coffee and shortbread.

Adon is cooking his Moroccan lamb tonight, so I’ll get on with my reading.


Stained glass window



Apparently the site has taken charge of wi-fi and they are now selling cards for £2 a day, so we’ll get one tomorrow.

The pulpit