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Etang Leon, Saturday 21st Agusut 2010


Paseo Maritimo in La Coruña

Well, a lot has happened since the last entry.  We set off as planned and left Pepo at La Coruña airport and did our shopping in Al Campo, but a couple of hours later the exhaust pipe broke into two just outside Guiteriz and had to be towed back to the nearest Peugeot Garage, which happened to be in Betanzos.  As luck would have it, they didn’t have that particular part, which had to be ordered from Madrid and, being holiday and Fiesta season, nothing could be done until the following Thursday 18th August.  There was nothing to be done but wait and after a telephone call to my sister Nieves and brother Tito, we were back in La Coruña before 7 pm.

We spent 6 days in La Coruña and tried to make the most of the extra time by visiting an Art Gallery, enjoying a beautiful Misa Rociera (Andalucian Mass), sang by members of the Casa Andaluz in La Coruña, walks in the impressive Paseo Maritimo and docks and a couple of meals in nice and cheap restaurants as a thank you to my family for their kindness and welcome.

I particularly enjoyed Magdalena’s and Guillermo’s company, in whose flat we stayed, and getting to know the latter a bit better.  I even managed to show Magdalena how to use Facebook and she was happy to open a profile: I hope she uses it to keep in touch!

Pulpo (Octopus) in Paseo Maritimo

It was funny to have so many people visiting the flat at the same time (14 at one point), like the good old days when we all lived there with my parents.  Unfortunately Magdalena was suffering from sciatica  again and the last couple of days she was in pain and couldn’t join us for the gorgeous Chinese meal, so it was just Adon, Guillermo and I.

When Thursday finally arrived, we were dismayed at the news that the exhaust pipe hadn’t arrived and couldn’t be delivered until 23rd Agust, so nice mechanic offered to weld piece together and it was done by 1.00 pm.  Being lunchtime, we had to wait until 3.00 pm for them to open again and for Tito to come and pick us up.  So, with one thing and another, we were on our way at about 4.30 pm and stopped at Playa Tauran again, as we’d been very impressed by it on the way to La Coruña.

On Friday, we set off for Playa Antolin, just before Llanes, and camped wild right on the beach and, apart from a coupe of irritating neighbours, we had a lovely afternoon and evening.  I cooked a Spanish omelette with pimientos de Padron and had an early night, as we were planning to set off early this morning.

Plaza de Maria Pita