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Playa de Santa Cruz, Camping Los Manzanos, 7th August 2010


My family in our motorhome

It was great fun last night. Maria Teresa (my eldest sister) turned up at 4.30 pm knocking on the door of the motorhome, which was a lovely surprise.  We walked to the beach with her dog Odin and then she carried on with her walk, while we stayed on the beach, where Adonis had a swim and a very well deserved rest.  She came back at 6.30 as agreed and we started worrying when all the others were late, so she phoned and turned out they were all on the bus, which was delayed due to roadworks (what a surprise!).

They all arrived about 1 hour later than agreed and I showed them the van’s facilities, took a couple of pictures and went for a meal at a bar nearby. It was lovely to see everybody, including Tito (my youngest brother) and his girlfriend Sonia, as I didn’t know they were coming too, and, of course, it was a pleasure meeting Emilio (my nephew in law) and seeing Susana (my niece) looking so happy after their recent wedding in May.

So we had gorgeous ‘raciones’ of local specialities, like pulpo, chipirones, ham and cheese, fish croquetas and fish pie (empanada gallega).  I ate so much I wasn’t even hungry at breakfast or lunch.  Magdalena (my 3rd eldest sister) wrapped some left-overs in serviettes, which we had this lunchtime.

Enjoying local specialities

After the meal we said our goodbies and agreed to meet on Wednesday or Thursday in order to have another meal before we go back east.

We took Bramble for evening walk and enjoyed the stunning sunset by La Torre de Hercules, of which I couldn’t resist taking several shots.  Then we went to bed and heard the fireworks going off, but too tired to get up and watch.

We got up at 8 am and set off at 9.15 to do big shop at Carrefour.  Then we got lost when we took the wrong lane on the motorway and ended up using TomTom to get us back to Montrove, where we were able to follow road to Oleiros and find campiste at Santa Cruz.  It’s a gorgeous site, although it’s changed since we were here 8 years ago.  We’re camping under some elm trees with some welcome shade and have been to the lovely beach and pool.  We’ll be here for at least 3 days, although I’d like to stay longer if Adon agrees.

Sunset in La Coruna

Sunset by La Torre de Hercules




I am cooking tuna steaks for Adon and myself and noodles for Pepo!