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Montreuil-sur-Mer, Friday 26th August 2011


Aire at Le Crotoy

We had a very pleasant day yesterday in Le Crotoy.  We arrived at about 11 am and it felt much cooler than the Loir, but later on the sun came out and it was quite hot by lunchtime.  I sat outside and finished my book just after lunch and had to wear my hat and sunglasses, making the most of the last days of summer.

Thousands of seagulls and 1 cormorant


I took Bramble for a long walk around the bay, which was packed with thousands of gulls and one lonely cormorant.  I went back after walk to capture the light and freeze the moment in photographs.

We went for a meal in the evening and shared a pot of Moules Marinière for starters and then I had sole and Adonis had scallops.  It was all delicious and it was great not having to do the washing up for a change.




Which way to go? The Bay at Le Crotoy











A Startling Starling display




I’d like to mention the beautiful display of thousands of starlings last night fluttering around trees and over our heads by the Jeanne of Arc monument.  It was truly spectacular and we couldn’t take our eyes off it, as couldn’t anyone else.

Startling starling display






There was a storm in the night and it rained quite heavily, which kept me up for a while.  I had to come down to shut windows and sky lights as the rain was coming through.




Jeanne of Arc Monument at Le Crotoy

This morning we decided to try somewhere new like Quend Plage, just over 10 km north of Le Crotoy, but the aire we found wasn’t quite on the beach and it didn’t have any facilities, so we came to tried and tested camping La Fontaine des Clercs.  As alwasys, it’s been raining, but we like the old town and we are ready for the vet tomorrow.

Some restaurants and hotels on the sea front

We’ll set off for City Europe on Sunday morning and then we’ll try our luck with the strike early on Monday morning.  We’ll be back in October, perhaps this time to Bretagne.

Sunset at Le Crotoy, Bay of the Somme