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La Suze-sur-Sarthe, Friday 24th August 2012


La Suthe-sur-Sarthe

We were here at the end of December last year and we’re glad to be back at this charming aire by the river Sarthe in the summer.  It was quite full when we arrived last night at around 5 pm, but many of the motorhomes left by 10 am this morning.  It’s still only €3 a day with electric hook-up, but we’re a bit too far from the electricity supply stand, so we’re running on gas.

Pleasure boats at La Suthe-sur-Sarthe

It’s also very pleasant to see the pleasure boats moored at the landing stage, especially the ones decorated with hanging baskets and flower pots:  I wonder if the owners live in them permanently or just for the summer holidays.  Either way, it looks like a beautiful way to travel too and I wouldn’t mind having a go in one travelling along the canals and rivers.

La Suthe-sur-Sarthe


La Suthe-sur-Sarthe


We finally stayed at the tranquil Bords de Vienne campsite at L’Île Bouchard for 3 days as it’s just perfect for us, with lots of shade, a handy supervised beach on the river, clean facilities, free wifi and a Super U  supermarket and other handy shops just outside the camping.  It only cost €21 a day including the electricity hook-up, so all in all, it’s very good value for money.


Bords de Vienne Camping, L’Ile Bouchard


We left the campsite yesterday morning to visit Château Saumur, just under 40 kms northwest of L’Île Bouchard.  As usual, the main road D760 between L’Île Bouchard and Chinon was closed and we had to follow the diversion signs south toward Richelieu on the D757 and cut across country back onto the D749 main road and D751 to Saumur.

Chateau de Saumur

We found a nice shady car park by the river Loire, just 10 minutes’ walk form the Château and strolled there for our visit.  The château is a very impressive fairy-tale-like building on the outside and it’s now a museum for beautiful sets of fine china of various designs and origins, medieval wood-carvings, tapestries and even a collection of taxidermy rare animals, including a huge sturgeon caught in the river Loire.

Sample of tapestries on display at Saumur

There was a show going on in the château grounds which ran 3 times a day at 11 am, 3 pm and 5 pm, but we made the most of the peace and quiet inside the building before the crowds arrived after the show.

Medieval entertainment at Chateau de Saumur

The views of the town and the river are impressive and we took lots of photos of these stunning views.

Views of the Loire from Saumur Chateau

Something else that was very curious as we were driving along the Loire were the Troglodyte caves hollowed out in the chalky cliffs where wine is stored these days.

Views of the Loire from surrounding of Saumur Chateau

After our visit we intended to stop for the night at the Base de Loisirs of the Retenue de Pincemaille in Rillé, like we did at Easter in 2011, but there was a height barrier at the entrance of the fishing area and we had to park a few metres down the road, which wasn’t very handy for fishing purposes, but pleasant enough for lunch.  So, yet again, we had to swallow our disappointment and choose a different place to stop for the rest of the day and after lunch we decided to drive up north to La Suthe-sur-Sarthe, which wasn’t very straight forward from Rillé, following various national, regional and country roads.  Still, I was very pleased with my navigating skills and got us here without any wrong turns or getting lost in any way.  Who needs SatNav when I am on the map?

We’re going to stay here tonight as well for Adonis to enjoy a spot of fishing again and tomorrow we’ll be heading for Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, where there is a municipal campsite, between Le Mans and Alenҫon on the D338, so it shouldn’t take too long to get there.


Chateau de Saumur



Chateau de Saumur



Car park by Saumur Chateau






Broglie, Thursday 28th April 2011


Lac de Pincemaille at Rillé

We were so impressed with that little picnic place at Rillé that we decided to stay there for 2 nights.  It was lovely and quiet and Adonis spent most of the time fishing and made friends with a French fisherman named Tony, who happened to be an asparagus farmer and lives in Allonnes, right in the middle of the Loire wine growing region.  They swapped bait and fishing stories and we now have an invitation to visit and fish from a boat in the Loire!

The first day was very hot, but it cooled down rather a lot yesterday, although we still managed to eat outside, some gorgeous barbecue chicken kebabs.

We left early this morning and followed TomTom to Broglie, with a couple of detours  looking for an aire to empty chemical toilet and fill up with water.  That wasted a lot of time for nothing, as neither of the indicated places seemed to exist, but we finally managed to fulfill task just north of Le Mans, at a rest place called La Bazoge that had toilets and water taps.

Charentonne River walk at Broglie

Without further ado, we arrived here at 1.20 pm, had lunch, siesta, Adon walked Bramble and I sorted out dirty clothes for washing when we get home.

Another pizza tonight, so an easy evening.

Ample space for dogs to run at Broglie's aire

It’s definitely colder here, 16 °C, and I fear we might need heating on tomorrow.  It’s been raining too, but it’s dry at the moment.  It really begins to feel like the end of the holiday.

Nice and spacious pitches at Broglie's aire

Villandry Chateau, Tuesday 26th April 2011


Villandry's exquisite gardens

A beautiful day today visiting Villandry’s Chateau’s gardens, probably the most stunning and exquisite gardens I have ever seen.  We went there after lunch and left by 3 pm, a good thing too, as there was a bit of a queue to get in by then, whereas, when we went in just before 2, there was nobody else.

We are now at the Pincemaille Lac, just outisde Rillé, about 25 km southwest of Chateau du Loir.  It’s just charming and quiet and a perfect place to stop the night.

Villandry's chateau and gardens


We stayed at Bouchemaine for 2 nights and enjoyed a swim in the river Loire, as well as a cycle ride along its banks and a beer in the quiet square by old port.  It was a bit of a luxury to have an aire with hot showers and washing facilities and it was well worth 8 Euros per night.

So we left this morning at about 9.15 am and headed for supermarket.  After a fruitless search for a Super U at Ste Gemmes, just south of Angers, we ended up in Les Mosquetoirs a bit further on, managing to get lost at Trélazé on D4 due to bad sign posting and coming off road at wrong exit.  We eventually found our way back on the D347 and arrived at Villandry just after 12 noon.  We parked in the aire by Tourist Information Office opposite the chateau, but decided to look for a place in the wild rather than a car park.

Louis XIV style mirror pond




I loved that star!







We are relying on the TomTom tomorrow to avoid getting lost and any subsequent arguments and will be heading for Broglie again: it should take 3 and 3/4 hours.  We are really on our way back now!


the vegetable garden at Villandry

Camping in the wild at Pincemaille Lac, Rillé