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Montreuil-sur-Mer, Thursday 24th February 2011


Montreuil-sur-mer city walls



Here we are again at the charming and welcoming site of Les Fontaines des Clerks.  We arrived very early, just before 11 am, after usual breakfast, emptying toilet and dirty water and stopping for bagette on the way.






Coffee and cake time


I must mention that I made it my mission to try as many cakes from the various boulangeries-patisseries we visit as we possibly can and so far the tarte aux framboises (raspberry tart) wins hands down, followed closely by pistachio mil-feuille.

Nice and lazy day today with usual walk around city walls and a stop for money and beer.  I cooked merquez and couscous and just finished the Paris-Brest cake from yesterday, delicious again, with a distinct flavour of hazelnuts.


walk around city walls



I’ve made very good progress on my crochet t-shirt and I’ll be reading a bit more Brando’s biography, ‘Songs my mother taught me’ (which I am really enjoying), later on.

The weather has been much better than yesterday – no rain at least – and much warmer.

view from city walls




Adonis’s been suffering from sciatica and he’s planning to go to the doctor’s when we get back home.  Pepo’s having a great time in Scotland and Bramble is going to the vet’s first thing tomorrow.