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Juno Beach, Sunday 31st October 2010


Omaha Beach

A very busy day today, especially as the clocks went back one hour, but we still got up at usual time, an hour earlier than we should have done.

So we’ve had loads of time to do interesting things, like ‘walking the dog 3 times’!!!  During the first walk, about 8.30 am (9.30 for our body clocks), we went back to the sea wall defenses and took some more pictures in the morning light with hardly anyone around: much better for photography purposes.





Omaha American Cemetery

We then drove to Omaha American Military Cemetery, where we arrived soon after 10.00 am.  Words cannot describe the feelings experienced at the sight of all those perfectly lined-up crosses, most with names, but a large number (1,600), without: “The fallen comrades whose names are only known to God”, as the crosses and the Memorial Monument say.  It’s profoundly sad, truly humbling and it rends you speechless, with a big knot in your throat.  It certainly puts everything into perspective and it makes you realise how precious, fragile and special the freedom we all enjoy in the western world today really is and never to be forgotten or taken for granted.  So this 5th November, when we all wear our poppies and remember the fallen soldiers, it will definitely mean a lot more to me.



'Here rests in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God'


Omaha American Cemetery












After that almost surreal experience, we drove to Juno beach, where we arrived at around midday and have spent the rest of the day.  We had a beer, lunch, siesta and then visited the Canadian Museum, just a couple of hundred metres down the beach.  Again, another very interesting visit, finding out about the history of Canada and its participation in WWII.  

The Canadian Museum at Juno with remembrance stones

After that, we took Bramble for another walk on the beach and discovered more German pillboxes hiding in the dunes. 

I’m cooking chicken breasts à la Oriental, with garlic, ginger, onions, soy sauce and sesame oil.  I bet it’ll be 100 times better than that awful pork in Arromanches.



Back to Montreuil-sur-Mer tomorrow for visit to vet on Tuesday.