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Pont-de-l’Arche, Eure Department, Saturday 29th March 2014

Church of Nôtre Dâme des Arts, Pont de l'Arche

Church of Nôtre Dâme des Arts, Pont de l’Arche


We are back at this lovely motorhome aire, one year to the day, and it looks even better today, as the sun’s been shining all day and it’s hot – 24 ºC inside – and very pleasant indeed outside. For the first time this year, we’ve gone out for a walk in shorts and t-shirts and sat outside a café in town and enjoyed a beer in the sun. I hope this will keep up for the next 3 weeks, but that’s too much to hope for…


Going for a strol in town in the sun

Going for a stroll in town in the sun


Old half-timber houses at Pont-de-l'Arche

Old half-timber houses at Pont-de-l’Arche


We left England yesterday evening on the 5.20 pm Eurotunnel crossing as always, which wasn’t very busy at all. We only just made it by the skin of our teeth, for the traffic on the M25 was bad and we had to crawl along for a while. So we were in Calais for 7 pm, local time, and found a very busy aire at Wissant, with only the bus lanes available, which we are loathe to use as you could be moved on, so we parked on the far side from the road by the houses and the little lane leading to the town, which is not a proper bay but not really in the way of traffic flow.


Enjoying a beer in town outdoors

Enjoying a beer in town outdoors


I had made a pizza at home to cook in the van and, although I kept turning it every few minutes, somehow it managed to catch fire and in a matter of seconds the van was engulfed in smoke and I could hardly see Adonis at the other end. After opening the windows, moving the shelf a bit higher and turning the oven control down, I got busy with a tea-towel waving it and shaking it about in order to clear the smoke. 10 minutes later, we had our lovely home-made pizza, slightly charred at one end on the bottom, but very edible and tasty, which we enjoyed with a bottle of Californian Cabernet-Sauvignon. Must remember to move shelf up next time at the beginning of cooking time, but I believe the pizza base caught fire because I put a generous amount of olive oil when making dough, as it makes it taste a lot better. Live and learn.


Old Wall Tower at Pont de l'Arche

Old Wall Tower at Pont de l’Arche


We had an early start this morning, as Adonis woke up and came down at 7.30 am and I followed some 15 minutes later and we were ready to leave Wissant by 8.30 am en route to Auchan at Boulogne-sur-Mer, where we tend to do our big shop for the week and fill up with diesel. We were out by 10 am and didn’t stop until we got to Pont-de-l’Arche (just south east of Rouen) at 12.30 pm, so very good going indeed.


View of river from the hill

View of river from the hill


We were surprised to see that the field adjacent to the motorhome aire had been taken over by travellers and at lunch-time there were quite a few cars and caravans coming in and out of their camp, which was a bit irritating as they turned in and out of it just behind us with a very narrow margin and I feared they might hit us, but luckily they were good drivers and no accident occurred and it’s all quiet now at 5 pm. They were very good neighbours.


The river Eure by motorhome aire

The river Eure by motorhome aire


This is still a beautiful aire by the river Eure and with lovely views of both, the river bank and the town itself, with the church of Nôtre Dâme des Arts on the hill right above. The campsite at the other end of the aire is open now and it looks very pretty, with lots of blossom on the trees at the moment, so that could be a possibility if the aire is full.


Campsite by the river Eure at Pont-de-l'Arche

Pretty Campsite by the river Eure at Pont-de-l’Arche



We are going to Meung-sur-Loire tomorrow, south of Orleans, a new route for us and I am really excited about going to a new place.