Amboise Château, Friday 15th April 2011


Château Amboise

We visited the Château this morning, which took just over two hours and thoroughly enjoyed the various rooms, furniture, paintings, architecture and gardens.  It felt quite weird to be standing by Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb inside St Hubert’s  Chapel, which also has quite amazing features with carvings of various animals, including stag antlers on the spire!: I’d never seen anything like that before.

Spire with antlers at St Hubert's Chapel






The gardens were also very interesting and they commanded a wonderful view of the river and the town in general.

Château Amboise's Gardens



After visit, we had a lovely strong coffee at one of the cafés near château and then gently strolled back to aire for lunch.

I took Bramble for long walk along the Loire again and this time I followed the path all the way round to Île d’Or and was almost tempted to do recommended ‘keep fit’  exercises along the way, or I would have done had I been wearing proper clothing instead of my skirt and sandals!


I got back to van just before 4 pm and had coffeee with Adon, then German lesson, followed by beautiful hot shower in van!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of hot water for shower and washing my hair and I’ve even varnished my fingernails!!!  Who says that travelling in a motor home is not glamorous?

View of the Loire river from Château Amboise

We are eating out tonight, so that will be our holiday treat and our 19th ‘meeting’ anniversary celebration, 5 days later, but that’s not important: we were just waiting for right moment.

The Tomb of Leonardo da Vinci

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